ISBA 2016
Arbus coast - Piscinas (photo A. Sirianni)
Arbus coast - Piscinas (photo A. Sirianni)
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Registration Guidelines

To register to "ISBA 2016", please fill in the registration form on-line

Corsi & Congressi
via del Pozzetto 13, 09126 Cagliari, Italy
Telephone: +39 070 383373
Fax : +39 070 3837102
Web site:

Please note that your registration cannot be processed without payment.

Corsi & Congressi will draw a regular invoice for the payment, according to the Italian law.

Before registering, please make sure that you have read the information and guidelines below.

Please, note that the difference between the member and nonmember rate does not provide the renewal of the ISBA membership and is used entirely to offset the logistic costs of the conference. If you want to check and renew your ISBA membership status, please do so on the ISBA website:

Also, note that ISBA membership is required for obtaining travel support to the conference.

Registration Fee

Early registration until February 29, 2016
Late registration from March 1, 2016
On-site registration

Registration Fees Early Late On-site
Student ISBA € 290,00
€ 433,00 € 639,00
Student NON-ISBA € 366,00 € 458,00 € 664,00
Regular ISBA € 499,00 € 587,00 € 793,00
Regular NON ISBA € 567,00 € 649,00 € 855,00

Accompaining persons which do not participate at the conference and are resident at Forte Village do not pay registration fees.

Non resident accompaining persons cannot fruit of Forte Village installations and must pay dinner and/or lunch tickets if they need to.

Student fee rates are applicable to: Ph.D. students, postdoctoral fellows (or equivalent no full time tenure-track position), who received their Ph.D. title after 2010. Verification of eligibility for discounted fees may be required at any moment by ISBA.

Registration fees include 22% VAT.

The registration fee includes:

Methods of Payment

Credit Card through PagOnline Unicredit S.p.A.

Credit Card
This is the recommended means of payment. Corsi & Congressi has subcontracted payment by credit card to a secure payment service that guarantees confidentiality and security.

Bank Transfer
Headed to:
Corsi & Congressi s.a.s – ISBA 2016
Unicredit S.p.A, Agenzia Cagliari Sole, Via Scirocco, 20 - 09126 Cagliari, Italy
IBAN: IT 72 R 02008 04814 000005042795

Please, send a copy of the bank transfer with the registration form to the fax number: +39 070 3837102 or to the e-mail:, otherwise the payment cannot be registered.

Cheques are not accepted.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Payments shall be made in Euro (not other currencies shall be accepted). All bank charges are the responsibility of the participant and should be paid at source in addition to the registration fees. Any unpaid charges will be collected on site.

Cancellation Policy

Registration Corsi & Congressi will accept only written cancellations by e-mail Participants will be refunded according to the following percentages less than € 30 for administrative charges:

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